Wednesday, 1 May 2013


Oh lovely sunny days! We have been soaking up the recent gorgeous weather by spending most of our days out doors. I have felt the call to sew more than ever recently and in a moment of spring madness fell head-over heels in love with the gorgeous jersey fabric seen below and bought three metres of the stuff... I have never sewn with jersey before and oh my is it a tricky customer but I basically followed the most simple pattern I could find which was found in this fantastic post right here. I only changed it by adding a lining, oh, and it took me about an hour and a half instead of fifteen minutes, but most of that was spent trying to cut the stuff into a vague rectangular shape!

Oh and my garden wall is actually a bit wonky, it is not just my terrible photography! Well, it probably is a combination of both actually...

Also in the bid to drink slightly fewer dozen cups of coffee a day have been loading up water with fruit and herbs a la the rest of the Internet world! Totally digging the kiwi and apple mint combo today!

Look at that sky!

And finally, wanted to share a piece of my drawing/painting (gulp) that I have been working on as a commission for a friend of mine...

Thought it fitted in with my spring theme of today! Hope all is well with you. 

Hugs xxx 


  1. I love your drawing it is really pretty, you should really do more you are very good. We have been enjoying such beautiful weather as well, it makes a change feeling some warmth from the sun, such a long time coming. Thank you for sending me that book. It was such a lovely surprise to receive a parcel and sweet postcard in the post. Thanks again. x

  2. Hello! Thank-you for your lovely message, and for your sweet encouragement. I'm glad you liked the parcel, hope all is very well with you? Lots of hugs xxx